The SEO Six Stages of a Web Site

What is your Search Engine Relevance Status?

Where are you right now? What “stage” are you at? The early stages where your expectations outpace your performance? The later stages where you have resigned yourself to the fact that this just isn’t working? Many huge dot.coms have disappeared from the landscape because they had lots of money, plenty of advertising, and assumed their size and budget would carry them. But the fact of the matter is, they just plain didn’t know the internet, and what it takes to succeed. Like the rich novice who bought the best fishing tackle, fastest boats, best fishfinders, but unfortunately never learned how to fish.

Are you nearing stage six? If so, you about to become a small “ casualty”. Is that what you REALLY want?


“I can’t wait to get my site up and running, it’s going to be AWESOME”


“We paid someone $79 to register with 900 search engines but our hits are still low. Either we can’t even find our own page in the search engines, or else we’re way down on the 124th page where no one will ever find us. I can’t seem to figure this out. How much did you say we’ve spent on
the site?”


“Our site is so cool, it has animation, Java, Shockwave, audio and video. The graphics are fantastic!”


“I’m not sure how to turn this thing around. I’ve been trying to read up on this, but everything I read says something different and none of it seems to work.”


“I can’t believe we got so few hits today.  Maybe we should register the site with all the search engines again”


“Well I guess I’ll get back to promoting the site when I have more time. Nothing’s really working and right now I’ve got other things to do. Maybe the Internet doesn’t really work or is not meant for us. If it doesn’t get better by the time the hosting renews, maybe I’ll just give it up”

In the lifecycle of almost every website, these 6 Stages are universal and totally predictable. Where are you in this “SEO Relevance Life Cycle”? You must admit that when you first imagined your site on the web, you never realized that Search Engine relevance through Optimization would take a concerted effort, in an area where you had little or no expertise. You thought if you just spend a several hundred or a few grand to build a website, and you’d be in business, right?…..Thought it would be easy, didn’t you?

Now its time be equally truthful, identify your position among the 6 Stages, buckle down and make the Second Effort™. Then just relax and let SecondEffort™ put you on TOP !!!

Before you waste your time and money purchasing useless ‘indexing’ software, books, newsletters or “spam the world” to attempt to build your SEO relevance, see how a top echelon listing in the Search Engines can bring a constant stream of quality customers to your site. Major advertisers know that “Being Seen” on the search engines works – they pay millions of dollars in Pay Per Click to be just two inches above where we’ll put your site. How many hits will you get? That’s hard to say, but I can tell you that traffic on some sites jumped by 1,000 hits per day within 2 days of achieving a top-10 position – and that was tracked that to one relevant SEO keyword category!

If you’ve ever tried to index your own pages, you know how frustrating it can be. Visit my “Search Engine Optimization “How To” Website at, and you can see exactly what is required to get the job done. And you can “Do It Yourself SEO ” by doing all the things listed at It’s not a secret, but it is very intricate and time consuming. Hours, days, even weeks of writing, submitting, re-writing and re-submitting. Endless searches and countless theories and concepts about how to get a better SEO relevance ranking. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out, the search engines change how they read pages or somebody copies your code and poof, it’s back to square one.

SecondEffort™ has found a way to free you from the hassle and put a smile on your face when you see your site gradually float to the top of the Search Engines.

We completely rewrite your page into the special format that gets it into a top level position. It will look just as it does now, except it will be supercharged to rocket to the top of the chart – GUARANTEED! But our service doesn’t stop there. We go two steps further. First, we regularly monitor your search engine relevance ranking and tune and re-index if necessary to keep you in the top regions. Second, our special page coding completely prevents would-be thieves from seeing and copying the HTML that put you on top.

Here’s What SecondEffort™ Does

Achieving and maintaining top rankings requires following this SEO Relevance Plan to get you there, then constant monitoring to keep you there. Because the top search engine positions are so coveted there’s lots of competition. In many categories, hundreds of other people are trying to get ranked for the same keywords. This means that positions often shuffle when other pages are indexed. Sometimes you’ll move up, sometimes down. To keep from losing your ranking, each page must be monitored on a regular basis. When problems are detected it’s necessary to make adjustments and re-index your pages.

Since all of that is tedious and time consuming, we’ve set up procedures and software to make maintenance a regular part of our service. In order to maintain total control, we keep a copy of your pages. They are an exact copy of your regular page except that it has the special modifications we’ve done to get it registered. You do not have to move your site or make any changes, or write even one line of HTML code – we take care of everything. Since we have total access & control over your pages on your server, we can instantly fix it and re-submit it if we detect any change in your search engine rankings. All of this happens without you ever having to be involved. We send you a Monthly Ranking Report so that you always know where you rank. And this keeps customers flowing to your web site.

We begin by grabbing a copy of your pages off your server, wherever it is now, including all images. You don’t have to move your site or do anything different with it, you continue to operate it as usual. (We will need the Username and Password that your hosting company has issued to you.)

We’ll rewrite, tune and polish your page to make it fit the formula that the search engines are looking for. We’ll keep it looking just the same, but supercharge what’s under the hood. (No, we don’t just add a few Meta tags, comments or junk like that. If that’s all it took, you’d do that, right? And we don’t use stupid Meta-Refresh or JavaScript commands to forward the viewer.) These are real HTML pages written so they score well. Most importantly, we’ll fine-tune your page description so that it compels searchers to click on your page first! (This can increase your hits 20% or more!)

When we’re finished rewriting, we’ll upload your reworked page and images. All the links on the re-worked page will point to the appropriate pages on yr server.

Once everything is set, we’ll index and submit your pages with the major search engines.  If it doesn’t show up in the top levels, we’ll tune the site and its content until it does, no matter how many hours that takes.

During the period after we first index your page, we’ll monitor its progress and re-work and add to its content, develop videos and social acceptance links, links from relevant web sites, and whatever else is necessary to make sure it stays in the upper echelon of the rankings.  We’ll develop and provide monthly progress reports for all keywords and their rankings.

And Now……the “Final SEO Touch”

We add our own Extra Strength Protection

Unfortunately, it has become common practice in many keyword categories on some search engines for dishonest “Black Hat” webmasters to steal the HTML for the top-ranking pages, change it slightly and re-index it with their URL (sometimes without even changing the page description). Because their pages have a newer creation date they will beat the honest page they’ve stolen! We have developed a fix for this that effectively eliminates the threat of a thief stealing the code that has skyrocked you into a top position. This feature alone can save you hundreds of hours and countless headaches every year trying to combat those who would rather steal your good page than write one themselves.