Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have found me, chances are you would like to improve your web presence through Search Engine Optimization SW Florida. Perhaps you have done a web site, or had one done for you, but it went NOWHERE. It’s easy to blame it on the Internet or the economy, but the truth is, there are thousands of people making millions on the Internet this very day. And if your goals and expectations are realistic, and if you do not view the Web as a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, you can change your life. We the leading Internet Marketing Company Florida can help you achieve it. Can we add you to this customer list?

Secondeffort References

Although we specialize in Search Engine Marketing, I can do search engine friendly Web Design and Programming if you need it. After all, I personally designed and built all of the above sites, and they are just a small sampling of my webmaster work. But if you already have a recent website that uses some of the latest Search Engine preferential elements, we will be more than glad to work with your existing website. In fact, I most commonly work with (and prefer) existing websites as opposed to brand new ones.

For instance, if you sell online, I can set up Ecommerce (See EZCovers, Orthoseats, Autotray, or If you want to display your products so customers and distributors can look at them, I can display them using custom graphics that attractively and interestingly feature both the company theme & image, and the products. (See UnCrated Rhino or StarQuickUSA. If you want a simple catalog of products, we provide orderly and easily accessed information. (See SkinCarePro or SeaCrest Seaside Apartments. And if you are a service oriented business, see what we have done with service businesses like Marbelite, Paverman and Styrocrete. No matter your type of business, we can make you look good, stylish and organized. We can lead you thru the maze and “Bring you into Focus” like the jumbled up letters in our little movie here.

Search Engine OptimizationWe then market your site, raising your site to the upper echelons of the search engines rankings. (Go ahead, type in “Marbelite” in Google and see where the website appears……Now try “Vinyl Chips” in Yahoo and look for my customer…….To extensively check more of my results, click HERE. (See what I mean?)

OK, for the doubting Thomases who want proof in the form of letter of references, here’s one taken directly from my overflowing file! Still not enough? Then, how about a newspaper endorsement of my work? More, you say? How about a letter of reference from a customer who obtained nearly 800 Page One Rankings. Get the picture?

We establish Sign Up pages, where prospects and customers are invited to join your Opt-In list for future sales efforts. We perform or set up Bulk Email or Autoresponders to those that have requested it. All automatically. All affordibly.

Please look at some of the websites. Notice the custom graphics, notice the moving animations, the slideshows, the audio clips, and the other eye catching features. Using various concepts such as Flash and javascript, these multimedia concepts result in a website that catches the attention of the visitor, makes them feel at home at the site, and comfortable being there. A good mixture of these type features at every site encourages the visitor to stay longer, to “play around and stay awhile”. First, we can create a site for you that will attract and envelop visitors, then we drive volumes of traffic to it.