Internet Marketing strategy is no different than “brick and mortar” marketing.

Only the technical steps required to achieve optimum SEO results are different.

Before the Internet blew onto the scene in the late 90’s, companies spent thousands and even millions on marketing. Marketing is getting customers, greeting them with a smile on your face, helping them select what they want & need, convincing them that they want and need that one or two “extra” items before they leave, thanking them, following up with them, and keeping in touch with them, and enticing them so they come back.

Surprise, surprise! Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Internet marketing is the same thing. Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click strategies by your most qualified Internet Marketing Company in South West Florida first gets them in the door, then your website is the smiling face greeting them, helping them select what they want & need, even hopefully enticing them to buy something extra. Follow up Email strategies are the most convenient way to thank, track, and follow up with your customers….

SW Florida's #1 Internet Marketing FirmSurprisingly, most companies only use Email to respond to the random and infrequent request for more information. Other than a “Contact Us” tab on their website, they consider email a burden. They treat their website like a Lazy Bird waiting for food to drop in the nest. But we all know the reality of it is that we need to leave the comfort of the nest to identify and locate our next meal.

Email is an exciting tool that is used by savvy companies to keep the “warm and fuzzy”, people skills, personality side of your business prominent with your prospects and clients. And there are many ways to accomplish this.

You have something to offer that you can give away for free. No matter how expensive your product is. What is it that you can offer for FREE ? Your expertise….Customers want to know more, and when they visit your site, it should offer enough information that they get what they want. But now you need to offer them something MORE….

How about a free EBooklet or perhaps a monthly Newsletter, or perhaps even a contest to let them win a product or sample of a product? Prospects willingly sign up for such things, automatically…….all day long. Your website is now working to gather leads for you, while you are not even paying attention. Simply collect these leads, and AUTOMATICALLY respond to them using Autoresponders, which send your message on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or for any other period you predetermine. All while you are off doing your job, not even paying attention.

The setting up of all of this is a one time effort, and now you are using the web as intended. The same way the experts do, only now it is working for YOU.

Or, how about an automatic Thank You Email for each customer who purchases? How about a 10% discount coupon for each friend or relative they send to your site? Or how about an automatic Birthday Card to each customer?. The possibilities are endless and the applications of Email to generate business activitiy are limited only by your marketing imagination. Let us show you the way. It will cost you much less than you think, and a mere pittance compared to the business it will foster.