Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Advertising

Pay per click has the benefit of providing you with an immediate boost of qualified visitors, lead and sales giving you fast results within just hours or days. In fact, a well managed pay per click advertising program is your best option if you seek fast results and a good return on investment while you areYahoo Pay Per Click waiting for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program to “ramp up.”

Depending on your traffic goals, you can budget $100 or $100,000. PPC Search techniques also give you the added benefits of being able to quickly test your web site and track your conversion rates (leads, opt-ins, and sales) and turning keywords (visitors) on and off easily.

So, as a short term strategy pay per click gives you the clear advantage over SEO. But, the disadvantage is the cost involved. Depending on the market demand for your keywords and clicks, your PPC SE campaign can generate tons of traffic and can cost hundreds, & perhaps even thousands per day for large Corporations. With various optimization strategies you can lower your costs, but over the long term natural search engine optimization will give you a higher return on your marketing dollar. PPC is the most flexible mediuGoogle Adword Pay Per Click PPC Programm as it allows for guaranteed placement without requiring any web site changes. The disadvantage is cost – each click has a monetary cost associated with it and as a result finding the right relevant terms is crucial to return on investment (ROI) success.

Though it appears intuitive, many companies engaged in natural search engine optimization (SEO) resist investing in paid search advertising. And many companies engaged in paid search advertising aren’t yet pursuing an SEO strategy.

Often, marketing departments treat paid and natural search efforts as separate campaigns with separate owners, sometimes even with separate agencies. Two years ago, PPC was running rampant and SEO organic search was less a factor for marketers. That’s changed. Most SEO ExpertMSN Adcenter Pay Per Click PPC Programs now believe a main issue is to determine the marketing mix. Today, most Industry Study results say that marketers have to pay attention to both sides of the page. They have to work at and organized and thorogh organic SEO program and work with paid PPC listings. Today, the two go hand in hand if you sincerely want to reach your entire audience.

I currently have a customer who spends $2000/month on PPC. I was hired to SEO the site, and we brought his Page One keywords from 12 to over 150 Page One Keywords. Due to the SEO organic search engine optimzation, his weekly visitors doubled. But it is not appropriate to stop there. Now the trick is to bring his PPC down to $1500/month and see if we can maintain the visitor count. Then initiate an Autoresponder Program to enhance his visitor count even higher. Then the next goal would be to bring his PPC down to $1000/month and maintain the higher visitor count. Then add the next marketing feature, and bring his PPC down to $500/month without losing visitors. But even after saving $1500/month in PPC, neither the customer or I envision eliminating the PPC Program completely, as it has a visibility factor that we do not want to lose.

Do Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimization co-exist?

A recent study done by Yahoo & Nielson Research dramatically showed that a causal relationship between paid and natural search was confirmed, and the results were significantly positive. These happy results came when running paid and natural search in a cohesive, integrated manner, particularly when visibility was maximized for a particular keyword in both the paidPay Per Click PPC Search Engine Optimization and natural sections of a search engine results page. Also we well-known seo company florida confirmed other eye-tracking and holistic research studies that reveal the dynamic interplay between paid and natural results on the search engine results pages, and that search is definitely not an either/or proposition.

One plus one equals three. Not only did the research show that positive results increased (to the effect of appearing twice) but there was also extra lift from the additional visibility. Running natural and paid search together (versus running them alone) in an integrated manner will drive superior results for branding and lead generation. When appearing in both natural and paid search for the same keyword impression, clicks lifted 92 percent, actions lifted 45percent, orders lifted 45 percent, page views lifted 44 percent, visitors increased by 41 percent, and time on site increased by 40 percent.

Natural search optimization is one of the strongest tactics for increasing paid search performance. Imagine that your paid copy is so tweaked so that it can be tweaked no more; your call-to-action has been massaged to entice clicks that exceed industry standards; and your sophisticated ROI measurement tools show that position 2.4 is the sweet spot for the highest conversion rate. So where do you go from there? The research indicates that while natural presence creates overall click lift, it can also create overall paid search lift. If your paid terms are converting, then a tactic for increasing those high converting clicks is increasing natural search visibility.

SecondEffortâ„¢ and your PPC Campaign

When you select me to manage your PPC program, you are entrusting me with your budget. Just like my Search Engine Optimization efforts, “Your Success is my success”. As such, I treat your funds as if they were my own. And I assure you that if I can do as well for you as I do for my other customer sites, you will be thrilled with the results over time.

More Questions about Pay Per Click?

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