Sarasota Search Engine Optimization can propel your site to the Upper Echelons of the Search Engines…

Using various proven and reliable search engine optimization techniques and technologies, you can not only register with the Search Engines, you can propel yourself into the upper echelons of the Search Engines, so you will always be there when someone is looking.

What you can expect from SecondEffort™ Sarasota SEO Services

  • Make your site focused and relevant
  • Write lots of search engine friendly content
  • Acquire relevant inbound links
  • Ensure that inbound anchor text is relevant
  • Utilize deep linking
  • Use alt tags
  • Create a sitemap
  • Optimize your title tags
  • Write and submit articles and press releases
  • Submit an XML sitemap of your website to the search engines
  • Make all changes look natural

Registering with the Search Engines is NOT enough these days. Registering simply means that you are there. Probably on page #187, though. And let’s face it, who really scrolls all the way down to page #187? Statistics show that folks seldom make it to Page 3. You NEED to be in the Top Pages !

Each Search Engine has their own rules, by which they decide where and when to put your site. If you know these rules, you can play by them. They look for certain things, words, phrases, links, and other items and features of your site. If you do not have EXACTLY what they are looking for, your position is with them is in jeopardy forever. And to make things even a little more complicated, their rules are constantly evolving and changing as these Search Engines compete to be the best and aquire more customers. What worked a couple of years ago is only a small slice of what is required today!

We know the Rules. We manually register you with all of the Major Search Engines. Not 9000 Search Engines, because statistics show that 95% of the public uses the top 5 Search Engines. We Register you with all of the TOP Search Engines. Then I personally make sure that your pages conform to what they look for.

If you give your website a well deserved Second Effort., then like a balloon escaping from your hand, you will see your site gradually and constantly rising into the top pages of the Search Engine. It is not an overnight thing, it will take from 3-6 months, depending upon how regularly the Search Engine re-indexes (or updates) itself.

If you are interested in having someone as just as dedicated to the success of your web site as you are yourself, please call me – Jim Phillips at (941) 426-4100, or Email me HERE. It could make the difference between the success or failure of your website.